White Papers

Crafting Your Legacy
Unlocking The Secrets Of Personal Branding

The New World: Brave or Grave
Crises, Causes, Consequences, and What the Future Holds

Blueprint For A Developed India Seizing The Momentum
Amid Global Economic Slowdowns And Moving Forward

Black Swans, Grey Rhinos A Spymaster’s
Wisdom On Navigating The Unknown

SCALING NEW HEIGHTS: Corporate Lessons in Leadership and
Mental Strategies from Record-breaking Indian Mountaineer

Interim Budget Analysis 2024-25:
Path to a $5-trillion economy

Philip Kotler Talks About Evolution of Marketing:
From ‘Mad Men’ Glamour to AI-Driven Immersive Experiences

Unveiling Insights into Quantity Theory of Money and Economic Landscapes:
Assessing Stability, Predictions, and Press Freedom

Indo-Danish Collaboration:
Charting a Path to Sustainable Development

Navigating Second Innings, Education, AI, and Recruitment

Envisioning a Greener Future : ILC Leadership
Conversation on Climate Action, Innovation, and Sustainability

Smriti Irani’s Vision for Gender Equality and Women’s Leadership

ILC Session with Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Unpacking the Power Sector
Challenges: A Comprehensive

G20 Presidency & India as an emerging economy with Sanjeev Sanyal

The AI Cookbook